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FAQs - General

With over eight million shields and liners in the field, CTI has experience with many alloys, from the most simplistic metallurgy (Admiralty Brass), to the most complex (Zirconium). CTI can assist with your metallurgical solutions based the desired life, the chemistry of the fluids in contact, the metallurgy of the parent heat exchanger tubes, results experienced in other similar applications from our years of experience, just to name a few. If you have a need for repair or pre-service enhancement of an application in your processes, please contact us and we will provide a proposal including the metallurgy options to meet your needs.

Many times in an emergency or breakdown situation, or for very large heat exchangers in location in facilities that make removal very difficult, time consuming, or expensive, CTI has the capabilities to perform our repair services In-situ, or in position. We are qualified to meet industry HS&E requirements for entry and work in your environments. As well, we are able to perform our services on new heat exchangers prior to installation wherever they may be located. If you have either an In-situ or new heat exchanger requirement, please contact us at the link above.

CTI’s Shields and Liners will not only extend the service life of your heat exchanger, they can also recover plugged leaking tubes – improving the overall operating efficiency of your unit. Please contact us and we can discuss your application and the potential benefits of our products based on your needs.

We have responded to emergency repair requirements in as little as 24 hours based on CTI’s material and extensive tooling inventory. We also have the ability to expedite the lead time of many non-stock materials and begin repairs within one week. Please use the Emergency Contact Us link on our home page to locate the regional contact nearest you.

CTI has carried out installations and repairs in over 50 countries. Our experienced crews travel worldwide to your facility to perform the services. CTI also has trained agents throughout the world that can assist you. Please reference a sampling of our installations around the world are highlighted on our home page, as well as global locations and field service support are highlighted on our Contact Us-Global Locations page.

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