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Front-End Loading (F.E.L) & Front-End Engineering & Design (F.E.E.D.)

CTI is also able to support its clients with Front-End Engineering and Design (F.E.E.D.) and Front-End Loading (F.E.L.) services. In today’s business environment long-term reliability can and will affect your bottom line. CTI has experience preparing bid packages to facilitate project completion within a time-line that supports the client’s goals.

CTI’s F.E.E.D. and F.E.L. projects provide process and engineering solutions on once problem equipment. If past practice dictates that critical heat exchanger equipment with Carbon Steel tubes will fail in three years and you need a 5 year production run, we have the answers.

Application of F.E.E.D. procedures enables our customers to quickly and effectively:

  • Evaluate the options and alternatives that will ensure long tem reliability
  • Determine all costs involved with equipment failure
  • Measure funding and project approval vs replace in kind
F.E.L. and F.E.E.D.
As well as In-situ installations, CTI is able to work with heat exchanger manufacturers to install its tube-liners in new heat exchangers, optimizing their service life value prior to initial installation.

F.E.L. and F.E.E.D.

CTI adds value across all phases of F.E.L., whether applying its products and services prior to installation, or post-installation In Situ.

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