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Full-Length Tube Liners

Heat exchanger tubes also suffer from a variety of full-length issues, such as pitting or cracking, or full length wall loss. In this situation our Full Length Tube Liners™ can be a very attractive alternative to a partial or full re-tube. CTI’s thin-walled Full Length Tube Liners are an effective way to ensure long-term reliability and can be installed into existing tubes or even into NEW tubes for F.E.L. applications.

How They Work

Tube I.D.s are measured to correctly size the tube Liner. Prior to installation the tubes are cleaned and dried and the tube Liners are inserted into the tubes. Using our custom made pumps they are hydraulically expanded throughout the full length of the existing tubes. The Liners are then cut, trimmed and mechanically expanded at the tube sheet, resulting in fully restored tubes.
Full Length Tube Liners
CTI’s liners are hydraulically expanded full length within the parent tube, providing superior corrosion and erosion resistance.


  • CTI’s Full Length Tube Liners can ensure long-term reliable, uninterrupted production on critical heat exchangers, and prevent potential shutdowns from tube leaks.
  • Restoring previously plugged, leaking tubes to service will recover failed heat exchangers and in some cases extend the heat exchanger life.
  • CTI is able to perform this service as an emergency response on failed equipment In-situ.

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