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The CTI Shield/Seal™ is a thin walled metallic tube insert made of highly durable alloys. For tubes suffering from inlet-end erosion, Stress Corrosion Cracking, crevice corrosion or any problems related to the tube-ends, CTI offers its most cost-effective tube repair, the CTI Shield/Seal™, ranging in length from 4 inches to 14 feet long.

CTI has two methods of expansion on our Shield/Seals. Mechanical expansion involves expanding the Shield/Seal at the first inch, tube sheet and also the last inch, the discharge end. CTI’s mechanical expansion will effectively bridge any leak path or damage between the first and last inch of the Shield/Seal.

CTI Shields/Seals
With over eight million installed worldwide, CTI’s Shield/Seal is a proven and effective repair process for problems related to the tube end.


On longer Shield/Seal installations we use CTI’s hybrid expansion method which combines full length hydraulic expansion of the Shield/Seal followed by our mechanical expansion. Hybrid expansion will eliminate the air gap that may exist between the Shield and the tube.

Common failure mechanisms include

  • Tube-end erosion/corrosion
  • Stress corrosion cracking
  • Crevice corrosion
  • Localized pitting
  • Ammonia grooving
  • Reinforced tube-to-tube sheet joints

And CTI Shield/Seals can be provided in from almost any alloy from “A to Z”, Admiralty Brass to Zirconium.

In our 40+ years we have installed over 9 million Shields in over 50 countries for electric utilities, refineries, chemical plants, and commercial marine. The United States Navy alone has installed over a half-million Shields into condensers and heat exchangers throughout their fleet.

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